Is banking about to become more Civilised?

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Is banking about to become more Civilised? Another new challenger is given green light by Bank of England – how will it stand out from the crowd?

  • Civilised Bank is the 31st new challenger given licence since 2009
  • Plans to have local bankers in every major town and city within five years
  • It will offer current account to businesses, funded by retail savings
  • Bankers have to swear an oath as it looks to stand out from the crowd 


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UK’s CivilisedBank gets banking licence

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UK-based digital bank CivilisedBank has secured a banking licence from the Bank of England, which will enable to develop infrastructure and serve customers in early 2018. The new branchless digital bank is planning to focus more on the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. Funded by retail savings, the bank will provide businesses with savings and loans and transaction banking services.

The bank will also offer overdrafts and current accounts with deposits and foreign exchange for the customers.
The new relationship banking service will help SME market to avoid the risks associated with the incumbents or online-only banks. In addition the new branchless digital bank with a local banker network will provide a range of savings products for the UK retail market According to CivilisedBank, the branchless local banker network will enable to build one-to-one relationships with SMEs and without the high client volume per banker or the traditional costs associated with traditional high street banks. CivilisedBank chairman Chris Jolly said: “We are reinventing traditional banking for businesses by bringing back one-to-one relationship banking to SMEs, enabled by the very latest technology – both online and mobile. “We want to return to a civilised way of banking with personal service backed by effective technology without any legacy issues. CivilisedBank represents a cultural innovation in banking and a genuinely new approach in the UK market.” CivilisedBank CEO Gordon Dow said: “Our customers will benefit from an innovative, yet secure digital platform, as well as being able to build an open and transparent relationship with a Local Banker. We will be partners with our customers, supporting and helping them grow their businesses.” CivilisedBank is managed by a team of experts who served the UK financial services industry. They are from different organizations such as Santander, Handelsbanken, RBS, HSBC, Societe Generale, Barclays, Lloyds and Bank of Scotland

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